ABC is one of the biggest, if not the biggest broadcaster in America. (ABC often spins their rankings to indicate that they are the most watched network, but I suppose they all do…) As such, they have got a very large group of publics. So, I will break them down in to very broad groups for PR communication purposes.

Certainly the most important public for any service provider, especially television, is the viewer. Marketing and Advertising people will focus on the demographics and the average impressions per quarter hour, but we need not break down this public that far.

We know that there are men and women watching, and there are certainly viewers of every age. It is more important, unless you have a very specific target public for a very specific period of time, to keep your communications with this public universal and simple. Whether its running a PSA or an important news update, just keeping it basic is the best way to go. Its best to use a wide broom when sweeping up this group.

Another very important public for ABC is an internal public. Much of the programming they air is produced through in house production companies like ABC Studios, Disney Studios, or other studios that ABC has a long standing relationship with. The infrastructure for this communication is already in place, it is just important for the chain of communication to not break down.

Having to air a re-run because there was a hiccup in the supply chain is a quick way to get fired in the pressure cooker that is the entertainment industry.

Other publics include its employees, shareholders, and the FCC, which regulates the airwaves and grants licenses to broadcasters.