Much like ABC’s newsroom, their career center is fairly useless. It currently has no jobs listed and just instructs you to move on to The Walt Disney Company’s career center.

Now this is a careers page! It’s got a photo slide show, a press release declaring them to be the number one place to launch a career, and a highly customizable job openings search engine. This engine allows you to search within any of the dozens of business units of the Disney company for job postings in 50 or so different job categories. There are a lot of PR/Marketing/Advertising jobs available now if you’re not picky about where you work or which business unit it is in.

The only catch? They’re only hiring for a few entry level positions right now. I wont be linking you to those, because I think I might apply.

Another great feature of this tool is that you can put in a text version of your resume and it will analyze it and pull up ideal positions for you. I’ve never seen this kind of application on a search negine before and its pretty interesting. It appears to operate as just a keyword search, but it sifts through your headings and locates your past work experience to find jobs you are qualified for.

All in all, Disney does seem to be a great place to work, but I hear they have really strict rules about actors playing the various characters that roam the parks. Not sure I want to work with a company that will fire you for taking your hat off.