So I’ve spent the past three days reading every piece of source material I can find online about ABC’s history, corporate philosophy, and communications department. All in all, I have to admit that I am intrigued by the idea of working at a television network.

Perhaps it’s my love for acting that brings out the desire to be around show business, but I get the feeling that I would be happy in this industry. ABC seems like a good fit for me because they are focused on establishing an online presence and incorporating the web into their business plan.

I like ABC’s commitment to finding better programing and not just cycling through season one and done sitcoms. I believe that if it’s broke, fix it. If it ‘aint broke, figure out how to make it work better.

Their work with LOST during the writers strike has proven to me they have a commitment to their publics. LOST had a strong following as it was, and the ARG was not “necessary.” But they felt a responsibility to the fans of the show to provide them with anything that was within their means, given the circumstances.

I look forward to seeing what ABC does in the future, and I would certainly not mind being involved in that future in some capacity.